2022 Week 1 CSA Notes

As of this writing:

  • The Driver Station must show version 22.0 or later in the title bar.
    The latest DS is part of the FRC Game Tools that can be downloaded from National Instruments.
  • RoboRIO must be imaged to 2022_v4.0 or later.
    You can see the image version inside the Driver Station on the Diagnostics Tab.
    The newest image and Imaging software are also in the National Instruments Game Tools.
  • The latest version of WPILib and Visual Studio Code for Java and C++ developers is 2022.4.1. The latest version can always be downloaded from the WPILib Github Release page. This release works with the latest RoboRIO image version, so you’ll need to update everything.
  • The GradleRIO version will be 2022.4.1 in your build.gradle file. The Visual Studio Code plugin should automatically offer to update your GradleRIO version.
  • Teams should go through all their components to make sure the firmware is up to date.
    RevRobotics components should be updated with the REV Hardware Client.
    CTRE components should be updated with the Phoenix Tuner.
  • The 2022 Inspection Checklist is available online.

If you are headed to a competition, please update all your software before the event.

Notes from Duluth

The 2022 Northern Lights Regional and Lake Superior Regional were both held at the Duluth DECC. Pit areas for both were in the same large room, which made it easier for CSAs to help out teams from both regionals.

  • As usual, the most common problem was with teams whose RIO image, Driver Station, or GradleRIO were not up to date. Usually updating the RIO image would then require that WPILib and VS Code would also need an update.
  • Imaging the new RIO 2s typically required that the SD chip be popped out and then imaged with Etcher. After the SD chip was written, the imaging tool must be used to set the team number.
  • I saw fewer issues with cameras than in past events. There were a few calls for LImeLight questions, which were handled by CSAs that are LimeLight experts.
  • There were a couple problems caused by metal shaving shorting out PWM pins.

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